Ideas To Paint Walls In An Original Way

You are tired of being typical, and you want your house to be different from the rest. There is a simple and inexpensive way to achieve it, which one? Originally paint the walls.

The universe, at your feet

Can you imagine painting the Milky Way in your Highlands Ranch CO living room? Or that the stars accompany your children to sleep every night? Make it happen! Decorative paint is great for giving you that touch of originality you are looking for. You will get colored glow effects and even star effects on the wall.


To join this style, first, you have to mark small horizontal guides, with a pencil, for example. Then, with little paint on the brush, we will paint the wall creating a soft and subdued effect. You could use brushes of different sizes to vary the width. The result: the feeling that the room is bigger.

Chalk effect

We already talked about Chalky Finish, paint with a chalk effect finish known as Chalk Paint.


What is the destination to which you have traveled that makes you smile when you remember it? Once you have it clear, let’s paint!

With textures

The Kreos line of paints from Oikos is fascinating. This interior paint manages to reproduce fabrics and textures on the wall. You dare?


Bet on geometric shapes (square, rectangle, oval …) to paint the walls originally.

Between mountains

Create small mountains or peaks with the help of masking tape, so you don’t come off when painting. It will be an ideal design for children.

Golden reflections

Once again, we can innovate thanks to the Oikos ecological paints that you will find in our stores. This time, the beauty of Italian stucco, Aureum, will bring warmth and elegance to any home corner.

This time instead of taking a pencil and paper, you will need a brush, paint, and wall. Ready! Write a meaningful phrase on a plain background. The colors you choose should create contrast, for example, black and white.

What other possibilities to paint walls originally can you think of? Share them with us in the comments or tell us on social media!